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Volunteer with AHEAD

“What makes an AHEAD volunteer? She/he arrives prepared to help Tanzanians and ready to make a difference. She/he leaves a changed person, one who has contributed to AHEAD in a number of ways.” – Amy Nichols, West Virginia State

In 1981, Dr. Irving C Williams and Elvira Williams established AHEAD because too many Tanzanian children were dying from malnutrition and measles. In the organization’s demonstration villages, child immunization rates now stand at 98 percent – because of AHEAD and its volunteers. In 2003, AHEAD saw too many Tanzanian girls who were steered into marriages instead of classrooms. Now those girls are attending schools and living securely in dormitories – because of AHEAD and its volunteers. Since 1985, AHEAD has provided unique opportunities to work in community projects in rural Tanzania and The Gambia. The volunteers lend their hands and expertise to a host of projects: from building dormitories for Tanzanian students to constructing a well in a Gambian village.

AHEAD Volunteers Reap an Enduring Reward

“The experience of referring a seven-month-old baby with severe bacterial conjunctivitis to the Meatu District Hospital, and observing his complete recovery with preservation of his vision and prevention of possible blindness was one I will never forget. AHEAD must be able to continue in the delivery of vital services to those who in distant rural villages would otherwise have no access.” – Pediatrician Gwendolyn Dean

Volunteers work alongside their African counterparts, sharing the same physical challenges as the people they help. The thrill of accomplishment doesn’t fade when the project is completed. Volunteers return home after having been exposed to a new culture, and language, with a renewed sense of self-worth.

“We often hear of missions or projects where we send our contributions only to find out that the donation is caught up in a system, which prevents it from serving its intended purpose. With AHEAD, we delivered medicines and clothing, and I witnessed the people receiving these otherwise unavailable items on a daily basis.” -Michelle Parker, Howard University, Washington, DC

Share Your Skills With AHEAD

You can help, no matter your age or background. AHEAD has opportunities for teenagers and adults, both at home and abroad. To learn more, contact us today.