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Maternal Health

Having a baby is a joyous time, but complications can turn joy into tragedy. In Tanzania, maternal mortality accounts for 18 percent of the deaths in women aged 15 to 49*. Delivering in unsanitary surroundings are a major factor – and one that can easily be overcome. A $50 donation pays for a birthing kit filled with supplies for a safe, sanitary delivery.


Here’s what your contribution buys:

  •   Sterile Gloves: For medical staff to wear when delivering the baby
  •   Infant Cap: For covering the newborn’s head so the child’s body retains heat
  •   Soap: For cleaning the mother and child
  •   Cord Tie: For tying the umbilical cord after birth
  •   Betadine: An antiseptic that prevents infection
  •   Suction Bulb: For removing mucus from the newborn’s mouth and nose
  •   Plastic Bags: For holding instruments and removing trash after delivery
  •   Mesoprostol: For preventing excessive bleeding during delivery
  •   Gauze 4×4: For cleaning blood
  •   Scissors: For cutting the umbilical cord
  •   Kanga cloth: For the mother to wear as a dress or skirt
  •   Blanket: For covering the newborn
  •   Two Towels: For sponging the mother and child
  •   Diapers