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Our History


AHEAD was founded in 1981 by Dr. Irving C. Williams, a pediatrician and public health specialist, and his wife Elvira Felton Williams, an educator, to provide hands-on, people-to-people assistance to underserved communities. The goals of the organization are to:

(1) reduce and eliminate disease and premature death;
(2) cultivate and advance healthy living; and,
(3) foster sustainable environmental activities.


AHEAD has been at the forefront of developing and implementing programs to eliminate poverty, eradicate diseases, and improve the quality of life for individuals living in developing countries since 1981. Since its inception, AHEAD has relied on the generosity of individuals and volunteers to decrease high infant and child mortality rates; immunize millions of children; reduce the incidence of malnutrition; provide pre-natal care for women; implement programs for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention; award scholarships to girls and orphans; and, supply safe water devices to tens of thousands of individuals living in total desperation. You will be pleased to know that 94% of our proceeds go directly to the care of women and children, while only 6% is used for further fundraising endeavors and administrative fees.

AHEAD has been successful in developing sustainable programs in Tanzania during the past 26 years. For the first seventeen years, AHEAD’s office was in the Shinyanga Region where AHEAD implemented successful programs in Primary Health Care, HIV/AIDS, education, youth development and Environmental Health. These programs have made a difference in the quality of life for mothers, infants and youth in Shinyanga Rural and Meatu Districts. Since 2002 AHEAD has provided programs in health and education in Kisarawe District, Coast Region where its office is now located.


Keys To Success

All AHEAD programs and projects are implemented at the village (community) level and involve the beneficiaries in all aspects of planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation in order to assure sustainable impact. AHEAD also conducts training workshops for Village Health Workers (VHW), Primary Health Committees (PHC), and other health providers. AHEAD’s Teen Action Project (TAP) provides a much needed health education program, including HIV/AIDS prevention, for pre-adolescents and adolescents. In 2006 AHEAD partnered with Family Health International (FHI), to provide Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and training on HIV/AIDS prevention for youth in rural villages in Iringa, Morogoro and Dar es Salaam.

Helping to alleviate the suffering in Africa will greatly improve the health and economic vitality of citizens in Africa as well as citizens globally. It will help to spark a wave of progress and development that will make the countries of Africa no longer burdens, but productive members of the global system.