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Workers implementing the water tank construction for the girls’ latrines at Bukara Secondary School in Kagera Region, Tanzania.

October 13, 2017– Great progress is being made on construction of the water tank that will supply the new girls’ latrines at Bukara Secondary School. A generous donation was made this summer that covered all costs and allowed the water tank’s construction to proceed quickly. Donor contributions at work!


Dental equipment donation delivered by Dr. Donna Williams and Dr. Apolinary Ngirwa on behalf of AHEAD, Inc. USA to Bukoba Regional Referral Hospital.

October 7, 2017– Dr. Donna and Dr. Apolinary “Yonga” Ngirwa accompanied bBukoba AHEAD Inc. Advisory team members handed over the dental treatment equipment donated by AHEAD, Inc. partners in USA to the Bukoba Regional Referral hospital chairman and staff. Dr. Donna Williams plans on conducting trainings in how to use the equipment.




September 2017 Pediatric Ward site clearance

September 30, 2017– Significant progress has begun on construction of the Maruku Pediatric Ward. Local technicians and a foundation builder have been chosen, the Bukoba District Council Engineer has completed a site inspection, and the site area is being cleared. This is proceeding according to the plan laid out by the AHEAD local committee for oversight and construction of the ward. In addition to these activities, dental equipment shipped from the US has now arrived in Bukoba, and AHEAD’s Dr. Donna Williams Ngirwa will very shortly be making a trip to provide dental training using the new equipment, accompanied by her husband and native son of Bukoba Dr. Apolinary ‘Yonga’ Ngirwa (he was born at this medical dispensary).


August 2017 Meetings for Pediatric Ward, Bukara School Projects Inspection

August 26, 2017– A group of AHEAD Board members and their families have returned from visiting Bukoba earlier this summer. Local AHEAD members held meetings, presented reports, and pledged further donations to help the pediatric wing project move towards construction. The Bukara Secondary School staff and students provided a warm welcome, describing the many benefits of their newly AHEAD-funded electrified lights, and showing the progress made on the girls’ latrines construction.



July 2017 Current maternity and HIV treatment building


June 20, 2017– Sick children should no longer be hospitalized in a ward with adults suffering from chronic and contagious diseases. In the current health clinic there is only one ward, a small room with 10 beds side by side. Also, mothers who have just given birth are housed in the same ward with their newly born babies. AHEAD funding and local leadership has now begun planning a new pediatric ward.



July 2017 tour of Bukara school with view of installed, functioning lightbulbs

July 13, 2016– Meeting of AHEAD, Inc. USA BOD members with local AHEAD, Inc Advisory committee in Bukoba Tanzania. Local committee members are all high-ranking health and education and government officials who have volunteered and been working for over a year on this effort. Discussed plans for a pediatric wing addition to their current one room health center in Maruku and a solar project for their secondary school which currently has no electricity. UPDATE June 2017: School electrification project completed with AHEAD funding, traditional electrical wiring was determined to be a better fit than solar in this case.