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Let's Celebrate!


2016 Fundraising campaign - Funds raised as of Sept 30th, 2016 USD$35,000.00

Maruku pediatric ward & Isolation room - Funds needed: 95000.00$
Maruku pediatric ward & Isolation room - Funds raised: 30000.00$
Minor surgical ward for the mouth and teeth Support - Funds needed: 15000.00$
Minor surgical ward for the mouth and teeth support - Funds raised: 1000.00$
Secondary school girls Latrine project - Funds needed: 2000.00$
Secondary school girls Latrine project - Funds raised: 2000.00$
Secondary school Electrification project - Funds needed: 3000.00$
Secondary school Electrification project - Funds raised: 3000.00$

Adventures in Health, Education and Agricultural Development.

For more than 30 years, award-winning AHEAD, Inc. has quietly and effectively worked in the most distressed rural villages of Tanzania and The Gambia, saving lives of more than one million children and families who do not otherwise have access to basic health services. Our staff and volunteers go wherever the need is: inside hospitals and health centers; on the road with our mobile health clinics; and, in the open spaces of villages. AHEAD’s major concentration is reducing poverty and disease, educating youth, and promoting sustainable environmental practices.

Alternative Energy

Save a Mother

AHEAD's pledge to sustainable health development!! Phase II: Minor Surgical Ward for the Mouth and Teeth to begin a total upgrade!

Days ago our amazing board of director announced that we would be launching phase II of a Dental Health’s Program that AHEAD successfully supported years ago!! #DevelopmentPower

(Minor Surgical Ward for the Mouth and Teeth)

Minor surgical ward for the mouth and teeth

As you see in the picture, the dental clinic at the Maruku Dispensary consists of a room, a desk, and a bench and a miniscule amount of supplies. A patient with a toothache enters the room, sits on the bench, raises their chin towards the light. They are anesthetized, and, then their tooth is extracted. Recent research indicates how the oral health impacts total body health. Maruku dispensary sees approximately 60 to 70 patients a day, and dental infections are some of the common diseases they see regularly. Your generous donation towards the shipment of dental equipment and supplies to establish a proper dental operatory at the Maruku Dispensary is greatly appreciated.

Transformational Work- American Actor Mr. Lamman Rucker's work with AHEAD

Dear friends of AHEAD, a couple of days ago we received a powerful and beautiful review from our friend & board director, the american actor, Mr. Lamman Rucker.

The work we do everyday is highly important and above all, our work changes lives and reaches far where is most needed. Nowhere is this most appreciated than in the heart and kind words of our supporters and friends of AHEAD. So, Join our cause, support our projects, share our work, become part of our family and leave your mark.

Here is Mr. Lamman Rucker’s review:

“My feelings about AHEAD are powerful and immeasurable. The respect I have for the decades of labor and love that the organization (and those that support it) have invested cannot be expressed in words. The countless lives that have been saved… The numerous tools, schools and healthcare resources that have been provided… The tears and disparity that have been replaced with joy and triumph… The pillars of compassion and empowerment that the Williams’ have exemplified… All of these things and more inspire me – and will, hopefully, inspire others – to serve this incredible organization in ANY way and EVERY way possible! AHEAD must continue to thrive – not just survive! Their work is transformational!!!”
… Love, Lamman Rucker


Lamman Rucker is an American actor. Rucker began his career on the daytime soap operas “As the World Turns” and “All My Children,” before roles in Tyler Perry’s films “Why Did I Get Married?”, “Why Did I Get Married Too?”, “Meet The Browns”… NBC comedy series ‘”Save Me”, He later had roles in a number of small movies and TV movies. He had the recurring roles on the UPN sitcoms “All of Us” and “Half & Half”. Rucker also had regular role opposite Mena Suvari in the short-lived WE tv drama series, “South of Hell”. In 2016, Rucker was cast as one of leads in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series, “Greenleaf”. He plays Jacob Greenleaf, the eldest son of Lynn Whitfield’ and Keith David’s characters.
Source: Wikipedia

AHEAD Bukoba Advisory Committee

MISSION UPDATE: Meeting of AHEAD Inc USA BOD members with local AHEAD inc Advisory committee held on July 13 2016 in Bukoba Tanzania. Local committee members are all high ranking health and education and government officials who have volunteered and been working for over a year on this effort. Discussed plans for a pediatric wing addition to their current one room health center in Maruku and a solar project for their secondary school which currently has no electricity.

Help us build our new pediatric ward in Maruku, Tanzania. #development #ngo #AHEAD #saveamothersaveachild

AHEAD Launches Health Opportunities for Children and other Villagers in Maruku, Bukoba.

Sick children should no longer be hospitalized in a ward with adults suffering from chronic and contagious diseases. Now, in the health clinic there is only one ward, a small room with 10 beds side by side. Also, mothers who have just given birth are housed in the same ward with their newly born babies. AHEAD plans to construct a separate ward for children.


“Dental care is an anchor of a healthy body.” Dental diagnoses can detect many abnormalities, including heart disease, diabetes, as well as some cancers. For this reason even impoverished villagers need access to basic dental care with adequate and up-to-date dental equipment and supplies.

Maruku Dental Clinic

Inside The Dental Clinic