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Save a Mother

Adventures in Health, Education, and Agricultural Development

For more than 30 years, award-winning AHEAD, Inc. has quietly and effectively worked in the most distressed rural villages of Tanzania and The Gambia, saving lives of more than one million children and families who do not otherwise have access to basic health services. Our staff and volunteers go wherever the need is: inside hospitals and health centers; on the road with our mobile health clinics; and, in the open spaces of villages. AHEAD’s major concentration is reducing poverty and disease, educating youth, and promoting sustainable environmental practices.

Recent News

Maruku Medical Dispensary 2016

June 20, 2017– Sick children should no longer be hospitalized in a ward with adults suffering from chronic and contagious diseases. In the current health clinic there is only one ward, a small room with 10 beds side by side. Also, mothers who have just given birth are housed in the same ward with their newly born babies. AHEAD funding and local leadership has now begun construction on a new pediatric ward.

Bukoba Advisory Committee with BOD members 2016

July 13, 2016– Meeting of AHEAD, Inc. USA BOD members with local AHEAD, Inc Advisory committee in Bukoba Tanzania. Local committee members are all high ranking health and education and government officials who have volunteered and been working for over a year on this effort. Discussed plans for a pediatric wing addition to their current one room health center in Maruku and a solar project for their secondary school which currently has no electricity. UPDATE June 2017: School electrification project completed with AHEAD funding, traditional electrical wiring was determined to be a better fit

than solar in this case.

2016-17 Fundraising Campaign

Total Funds Raised as of June 1st, 2017 USD$=51,500.00


Maruku Pediatric Ward

$40,000 of $95,000 Raised, 42.1%

Minor Dental Surgical Ward

$6,500 of $15,000 Raised, 43.3%

Bukara Secondary School Electrification- Fully Funded

$3,000 of $3,000 Raised, 100%

Bukara Girls Latrines Project- Fully Funded

$2,000 of $2,000 Raised, 100%