AHEAD Launches Health Opportunities for Children and other Villagers in Maruku, Bukoba.

Maruku Health Clinic
Health Clinic Toilets

Sick children should no longer be hospitalized in a ward with adults suffering from chronic and contagious diseases. Now, in the health clinic there is only one ward, a small room with 10 beds side by side. Also, mothers who have just given birth are housed in the same ward with their newly born babies. AHEAD plans to construct a separate ward for children.


“Dental care is an anchor of a healthy body.” Dental diagnoses can detect many abnormalities, including heart disease, diabetes, as well as some cancers. For this reason even impoverished villagers need access to basic dental care with adequate and up-to-date dental equipment and supplies.

Maruku Dental Clinic
Inside The Dental Clinic


We are AHEAD: Adventures in Health, Education and Agricultural Development.

Since 1981 we have improved lives in Tanzania and the Gambia by reducing poverty and disease, educating youth, and promoting sustainable environmental practices. Our staff and volunteers go wherever the need is: inside hospitals and health centers; on the road with our mobile health clinics; in the open spaces of villages.


AHEAD Has Touched More Than One Million Lives In Africa and In The United States

We emphasize maternal and child health services, and youth education and workforce development. AHEAD promotes self-sufficiency by working with local residents to improve their lives. Because of our efforts:

  • Ninety-eight percent of children under five have been immunized in the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania.
  • In Tanzania, mobile units take expectant mothers to health care facilities where they can give birth safely.
  • Gambian women cook food on “rocket stoves” that use less wood and reduce air pollution.
  • More than 600 Tanzanian students have received scholarships for secondary school and vocational school tuition
  • Female students attending Tanzanian boarding schools live safely in dormitories we’ve built.
  • People living with HIV/AIDS receive care at home from trained family members or attendants.